Monday, July 17, 2017

We escaped!

We had the absolute best time with our Sunday School class Friday night and I'm proud to report our group escaped from our room, The Informant, at Huntsville Escape Rooms!

Once locked in (no worries- I didn't feel claustrophobic!)  we searched for clues and solved puzzles eventually unlocking the door to escape.  We came close to beating the room record- we were out with 16 minutes and 3 seconds to spare!  The two other groups in our class took the whole 60 minutes, so we might have bragged about our time a little bit.

I'd totally recommend going with family, friends or coworkers!  I do think it would be awkward to do it with strangers so I'd suggest you go with the max number of people each room will hold.

Chris and I are so thankful for such a friendly, Christ-centered church family and a thriving Sunday School class!

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