Friday, July 7, 2017

Office Organization

As a ministry assistant, I depend greatly on strong organizational skills to be productive and not lose my mind.  When I started my job last year, I was introduced to Asana an awesome website that keeps our office really organized and on the same page.  It's basically an online to-do list where you can have private tasks listed by due date and more importantly team tasks you can assign each other with due dates.

For example, for our weekly Wednesday night student meeting, we have a project that lists all that needs to be done with each task assigned to someone on our team.  The best part is for yearly events, we can just re-open last year's event to see all our notes and what needs to be done.  So for every Fall Retreat, we don't start from scratch each year with "what needs to be done?"  Instead, we reopen last year's Fall Retreat and just update the due date.

I also love that I can have tasks that only I see.  I can set repeating weekly tasks for all the things I do that the whole team doesn't need to see.  I also use it for silly things like- "don't forget you have a frozen meal in the freezer."

Asana is my brain at work.

I'm so used to it, I'm considering using it in my personal life!  It beats my current process of emailing myself a million times a day with reminders!  Asana offers an app plus its free!

My next new organizational hack is my new calendar.  I've been visiting the Happy Planner at Hobby Lobby for years.  The Happy Planner is like a scrapbook/planner in one and they are so cute!  BUT...they are expensive and bulky and didn't seem like the right fit for me at work.

Instead, I got a $5 calendar at Wal-mart and made an insert that matched my office.

One of the techniques used in the Happy Planner is using washi tape to color-code events.  Washi tape is that decorative paper tape that's all over the place.  

For $2 worth of washi tape, I turned my cheap Wal-Mart into my own happy planner!

Here's my old calendar...

And my new happy planner with color-coded events!

Who knows if I'll be able to sustain all this neatness, but I'm going to give it my best shot!  Happy organization, everyone!

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