Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feliz Cumpleaños

We had fiesta last night in honor of Nick's birthday.  Nick is a fabulous brother-in-law and I love all the laughter and love he adds to our family!

What is it with us and themes...or with Moma owning 6 sombreros?!?!  (Actually a couple of these are from when we went to Mexico when I was in grade school.  We were in San Antonio and decided to drive to Laredo, TX where we walked across the Rio Grande into Mexico for a few hours.  Abby and I decided to buy the largest sombreros they had and we stuffed them in the back window of our Bonneville all the way back to Alabama.  You're welcome, Daddy!)

Anyway...back to the fiesta...

Abby had their house super cute and we had a delish dinner of all our favorite Mexican food.

After Nick opened his presents, we played old-school pin the tail on the donkey burro!

We also played Quelf for the first time!  

This game is CRAZY!  You end up doing all sorts of silly, random every time I drew a card, I had to lick my lips and say "Willy Wonka has arrived!"  It's certainly not a game for a wallflower, but we were all comfortable being idiots in front of each other!  We have lots of practice!

The birthday boy had to share the spotlight with Honey Bunch who, as usual, entertained us with her cuteness! 

Ramo de miel como el gato en el sombrero (Honey Bunch as the Cat in the Hat)...

She also LOVES ribbon so Nick had to play keep-away while opening his gifts!

Lucky for us, Honey Bunch played Quelf with us!

We had a great night together and loved celebrating our Nick!  

{by the way...nearly impossible to take a selfie of six adults in sombreros!} 

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Nicholas Hayes said...

It was a great night with my family! Thank you all for coming and for the gifts! Love y'all!