Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Time

Our family time over Christmas was just so much fun!  We had dinner at Logan's on Christmas Eve, a tradition we started a few years back.  We've always opened gifts from each on Christmas Eve (stockings are Christmas morning) so there was excitement and anticipation in the air.

We even had a special visit from Santa on Christmas Eve!

New tradition alert: Daddy's yearly competition.  This year's challenge was to guess how many miles he had walked and how many steps he had taken in a year (#fitbitlife).

Moma won the prize for the number of steps (3,397,022) and Chris won for guessing the number of miles (1,702).  Daddy plans on having a new question every year...and we'll do anything for cash prizes!

We had all been looking forward to our 2nd Annual Thrift Gift Swap.  We drew names in September and searched for the perfect second hand gift for the name we drew.  Nick drew Chris's name and found a favorite childhood game.

Moma found a beautiful wooden tray at University Pickers for Abby.

Abby found a jewel at the thrift store- an embroidered cat pillow!

Moma's gift from Chris was an 8-track Southern Gospel we just need to find an 8-track player!

I drew Daddy's name and found the perfect Indian statue to match his cowboy from Nick from last year (see pic below!).  I also found a like-new toaster oven at Abby and Nick's Adoption Yard Sale for him

(Daddy's 2015 cowboy from Nick)

Daddy had my name and knew he wanted to find me a salt cellar.  He found the cutest little antique Ball jelly jar at University Pickers.  I just love it!

After Thrift Gifts we passed out gifts to each other.  We like to unwrap one at a time, so it takes a while!  Afterwards, the living room looked like a bunch of 7 year olds lived there but it's just 6 big kids who love giving gifts!

Chris and Nick both got virtual reality goggles. It's fun to look through them but it's even better to watch someone else look through them!

I was so pumped to get this felted wool garland!   I love all-things felted wool!

Does this look familiar?  It's the same kind of plastic wrap Ree, the Pioneer Woman, uses!   It's way too fancy for a Saran Wrap ball though!

How great is this tote?  It just screams ME!  Sticking out of it is my new giant badminton set.

Moma loves giving us all books and I cannot wait to start these!  Jeremy and Audrey Roloff (from Little People Big World, but also founders of read "A Severe Mercy" every year on their anniversary and it's been on my list for a few months.  "Builders of the Dream" is the biography of the founders of Pensacola Christian College, my alma mater.  I'm sure you all recognize "The Magnolia Story" from my BFF's Chip and JoJo!

Speaking of Chip and JoJo...I got this amazing stand and hymn cards from Magnolia Market.  It came with a dozen or so cards with phrases from hymns.

Chris got me the most amazing bracelets EVER!  A friend in Jacksonville had some and I've been dreaming of having some too.  

Abby and Nick's gift to me might look random but it's not!  I ran across The Highwaymen special on PBS several months ago and something about the classic country sound pulled at my heartstrings and I fell in love with it!  I know Popall would be proud!  There's just something about Kris Kirstofferson singing "Sunday Morning Coming Down" that gets me!

On Christmas morning, we all congregated at Moma and Daddy's again for breakfast and stockings. We all 6 sat around and had a blast finding all the fun, silly, yummy stocking gifts.

After Christmas lunch together we played bunches of board games!  We also watched "Secret Life of Pets" to see if it would give us any insight into Honey Bunch.  It didn't. 

Our Christmas was just as great as we'd hoped and we all cherish our time together making such special memories!  I'd love for you  to leave a comment on the blog about your favorite Christmas tradition or a favorite gift you received this year!  

Friday, December 23, 2016

Tinsel Trail

We are a family of tradition! I think this is our 4th year going to Tinsel Trail to see all the trees.  We usually go on Christmas Eve but got wild and crazy and went earlier this year.  After dinner at our house (if you haven't made Mississippi it NOW!), we loaded up and headed out!

I love how festive downtown Huntsville looks!

Daddy's favorite tree- Home Depot!

So glad for a hometown full of fun Christmas things to do...and a wonderful family to do it with!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Annual Open House

Moma and Daddy have hosted their Christmas open house for at least 5 years and it's always a highlight of the season.  Unfortunately, Daddy was under the weather last night, so we moved the party to the cul-de-sac.  The evening didn't disappoint- full of friends, family, fun and food!

I was so excited to try a new recipe I had seen on Food Network- a cranberry orange bunt cake.  It's gonna be my new Christmas go-to!

The rest of our spread was just a delicious and festive!  Potluck's the best!

We had fun just mingling and chatting...

...I told Fritz and Chris to look engaged but they must have heard "look shocked"!

Of course, there were games!  We played a getting-to-know-you game...

...and the Saran Wrap game!  Moma and I had wrapped a bunch of little gifts in a gazillion miles of Saran Wrap and the players passed the ball, trying to unwrap a gift before the person next to them rolled doubles.

The night was so much fun and it means the world to have such great friends and family!  Sign of a great party: as I was eating breakfast this morning, I saw a piece of Saran Wrap peeking out from under the couch!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Party Girls!

I hosted all the ministry assistants from work last night for our Christmas party.  It's such a blessing that we all get along and like each other!

We had a great time of yummy food and lots of laughs and a gift swap.

I feel blessed to have co-workers to enjoy time together away from work!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cuteness Update

It's been waaaayyyy too long since I've posted about the star of our family- Honey Bunch!  I just added about 600 pictures of her to my Shutterfly album.  She's just addicting! Here are some of her recent photoshoots...

This picture has literally made me smile so many times!  She had gotten mad at Abby and decided to pout in her condo.  How funny is this?!?!?!

Life with a cat = her involvement in everything you do.  I think she's helping with Abby and Nick's home study here.

She loves playing board games with her daddy!

Sometimes when Abby rolls over in bed, this is what her nightstand looks like!

Here, Honey Bunch is helping Nick move some things into storage.  Such a helper!

I mean the fur!!! It's just the softest, sweetest thing EVER!

Our little Honey Bunch adds so much love and laughter...she steals the show for sure!