Wednesday, October 26, 2016



That's how many days I've been married to my sweetheart.

(That's 3 years + 1 leap day, by the way!)

Of course on our anniversary, I love reminiscing about our courtship and wedding but I also find myself thinking about my single years.  I remember life as a single girl and the loneliness and fear I had to battle.  But lately, especially given our BSF study in the last few weeks, I've been reminded how the Lord used those single years to grow my faith and teach me about Himself.  I'm so thankful I didn't waste the suffering but that I used it to spur on going deeper with the Lord.  I think it's that strength and closeness with the Lord that sustained me until the Lord brought Chris into my sustained me when I was painfully homesick while we lived away...and it's sustaining me now as we're in a holding pattern waiting on the Lord to provide Chris a job.

I feel so blessed to have a Godly, strong, compassionate, loving, supportive, dedicated, focused, appreciative man as my husband but it's impossible for me to celebrate our wedding anniversary without making it all about the Lord.  We see Him everyday as we live life we learn how to we say "I'm sorry" we pray for the Lord's provisions for the future.

Never before has the passage about being unequally yoked been so real in my life.  I'm thankful everyday that the Lord gave me an equally yoked husband who walks with the Lord and leads our family towards Him.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Yard Sale Update

Many, many hours were put into making Abby and Nick's yard sale a success!  Thank you to everyone to donated such great items to help them raise funds for their adoption process!  This sale has been looming over us all and required SOOOOO MUCH work in sorting and pricing.  Abby alone probably spent a gazillion hours getting everything ready.

On the big day we started setting up at 5am Saturday, sold until 2:30pm, and clean-up got us home around 4:30pm.   We had one die-hard shopping by flashlight!

The cool weather was such a blessing!

My roll in the set-up was organizing the layout.  I loved making a sporting goods department, books, toys, board games, kitchen, holiday, clothes (which Moma organized further!), shoes, laundry, furniture, purses, kitchen, etc.

The house that we had the sale at is owned by some friends and is vacant, allowing us to have all the goods inside and ready to unload.  This is actually like the 8th adoption yard sale hosted at the house!

Future Mom & Dad...

Abby did a great job as the cashier! We used to play "store" as little girls so she had a lot of practice!

We had put a donation box on the check out table and were touched by people's generosity.  Folks who didn't even buy anything, stopped and gave a buck or two.  It's really changed how I see donation signs now and inspired me to give to strangers because there's love and hope and dreams in those boxes.

The great thing about our friend's house is that it's right on Whitesburg and our gigantic sale caused a couple of traffic jams!

At one point, around 12:30, there was a lull, so we started packing up.  Then another car pulled up...then another...then another!  We stayed another 2 hours or so!

This little guy was just precious! He immediately found this plush snake that he wanted because his mom was scared of snakes and he wanted to scare her!  Plus, he got some Lincoln Logs and was so excited to add to his collection.

Anna Love was another shopper who stole my heart...and reminded me of ME!  Within seconds, she had her hands full, a purse over her shoulder and pushing a baby stroller!  Girl can shop!

And speaking of love...Chris and I had a good time, helping the fam together!

The problem with both of us in ball caps though is it's hard to kiss without bumping the bills together. We thought we'd demonstrate the hardship.

Cleanup was a bear...but many hands make light work!

I'm not sure how we'd get anything done without our family!  My six favorite people EVER!

Oh....want to know how much Abby and Nick raised?

Click here to head over to Abby's blog I Know the Plans....

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

You now have weekend plans!

All proceeds benefit my sister and brother-in-law's adoption dream, 
so come ready to shop!  
We have tons of, clothes, furniture, decor, kids stuff, random happies!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ketner's Mill

Last year, Moma and Daddy heard about a festival at Ketner's Mill, a hidden gem between Bridgeport and Chattanooga.  They loved it so much that it's been on our calendar for a year!  

We hit the road early Saturday...after stopping by the Donut Hole...a new spot I've been hearing about.

The doughnuts were delicious...I'd totally recommend it to you!

The drive...the weather...the scenery...the SHOPPING...were all just perfect!

There were dozens of booths with all sorts of crafts and handmade treasures and yummy treats.  The atmosphere was so relaxing and enjoyable.  

Ketner's Mill will certainly become a family tradition!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Livin' Up Fall

Chris and I used the first fall-ish Saturday to explore the area.  First we headed to Hazel Green to Scott's Apple Orchard.  On the way, I had to show Chris what I consider a jewel of North Alabama and one I'm nominating to be best Road Name EVER!

The store at the orchard is pretty basic but smelled so good and we enjoyed the drive out there (we're really 85 years old, in case you didn't know).

There are way too many apple options but we opted for tried and true Granny Smith which I like for baking.

Here's our bushel...and peck...

...and a hug around the neck!

A bit of interesting trivia...there are 50 apples in a half bushel.

We didn't intend on counting, but Chris's driving + a bag of apples + hilly/curvey back roads = apples rolling all around = might as well count the apples as we put them back in the bag!

After the orchard we got wwwaaaayyyy spontaneous and drove the back way to Fayetteville, TN.  The drive down Ardmore Hwy was just beautiful!

A few years ago a friend introduced me to slaw burgers at Honey's on the square and I wanted to introduce Chris to the fun!

They might not look like much, but they're like giant Krystal's!  We sat at the counter and just loved the whole experience!

We renewed our vows with onion rings- proof he truly knows me now!

After lunch we picked up Moma and hit the Madison County/Huntsville Parade of Homes.  Our first stops were atop Green Mountain and may I just say- NEVER AGAIN!  That road going up from Bailey Cove and then going down into Hampton Cove...I thought I was going to die...Terrifyingly steep, curvy and tiny.

BUT we saw some beautiful homes!  Here are some of my favorite rooms from several different homes.

I loved this lime wall/navy curtain combo!

Just simple window frames as laundry room decor.

Whitewashed wood wall treatment behind the master bed.

Pictures don't do this justice, but the mix of the wall color, beams and art...this room just screamed cozy!

I think I gasped when I saw this room...the shutter/window headboards were lined with burlap.  I dream about burlap.

Modern patriotic.  Love.

This room is probably my favorite room I've ever walked into anywhere! 
(My pics were dark so I borrowed this from

I love that even though it was on the second floor, you stepped down into the room (so cozy!).  Then the color the chalkboard, the rug...they had to drag me out!

I loved the ceiling treatment in this Tudor home.

I probably embarrassed myself when I saw this wall treatment but it took my breath away!  This view is above the dining room window.

And speaking of wall treatment...I need this in my house NOW!

The Parade of Homes is still one more weekend and FREE so you still have time to go find your favs too!  

The weather was so pretty yesterday that after church we went to the Indian Creek Greenway and walked a while.  

Our first fall weekend was wonderful!  Now we just need to go find recipes for 50 apples!