Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Did someone say FREE????

Hey ladies!  My friend and favorite jewlery lady, Amanda Varnum, has shared a video of Premier Designs brand new 2016-2017 jewelry line.  Watch this video to be entered into a drawing for a FREE pair of earrings!  To get your ticket, watch the video and text message Amanda @ 850-902-3850 your Top 5 choices!   For every $10 you spend you will get and EXTRA ticket in the drawing!  

Here's the video...

Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Update

Friday we braved yet another rain storm to go downtown to see LIT- a project where they light up buildings downtown on the square. The rain seemed to have hampered some of the projects but enjoyed watching the UAH team light up the front of that old building across from the courthouse. 

And on one side of this building, the projected a giant game of Tetris. 

On Sunday our friend Barb came for a visit and we had a blast catching up as always!  She's a dear friend of the family and we love when she can visit!

Don't forget to shop at http://amandavarnum.mypremierdesigns.com/ for all your pressing jewelry needs! See previous post for details...

Friday, August 26, 2016

Some new happies!

Hey girlies...I was browsing Premier Designs newest jewelry catalog and started making my wish list then thought "if I had a party, then we all could get some new happies!"

I have two pairs of Premier earrings (and several other pieces!) and basically rotate them every other day- they are my favs!  There's certainly no pressure to buy, but cozy up with your iPad and see if there's anything you need...or need to buy for Christmas gifts.  Happy shopping...

Here's the link to the catalog:

{click "menu" in top left corner then "our jewelry" then "view my catalogs"}

  • You can text or call my friend, Amanda, to place an order- (850) 902-3850
  • For every $75 purchase, get any item at half-off!
  • Host your own Facebook/Catalog party and get FREE jewelry

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Our good friends, Meg and George, just got back from sailing their new boat (not a sailboat, but I don't know how else to say "drive a boat"!) from Florida to Mobile in preparation for sailing "The Loop" next year.  Sailing "The Loop" is a year-long process that will take them from Huntsville, to Florida, up the east coast, through the Erie Canal, over to the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi and back home- a full year on a boat!

Moma hosted a delish dinner at a cute table and we flooded Meg and George with a bazillion questions!

After dinner we walked over the our house to have dessert on the porch...and kept on talking!  It was wonderful to hear about their adventures! 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Date Night Fail

Chris and I had been looking forward to our date night all week! We planned on going to the Food Truck Meet-Up downtown. 

On the way there, I noticed the clouds. 

Moma told me to take an umbrella. 

I wanted to be more carefree.

I should have looked at this picture as I took it. 

I should have looked at this picture too. 

Our fate was fast approaching. As Chris stood in line to get what we thought was the first of a couple of food truck treats, I opted to head to the car before the rain came to grab an umbrella. 

I didn't make it.

The food truck was in front of that fire station by the park...by the time I was in the Art Museum parking lot, the downpour arrived!  I'm talking heavy drops, standing under the shower kind of rain.  The rain was dripping so heavy off my head, I could barley see.  A few more steps and my Croc sandels got super slippery super fast so I had to take them off! This left me completely drenched and barefoot, crossing 4 lanes of traffic and an island on the way to the parking lot!

Once I made it, I decided to just drive to find Chris and hope he would be coming my way. I found him as I pulled out of the parking lot but he had to hop in the back seat cause there were cars behind me. 

This picture doesn't fully show it looked like we had jumped in a pool!

But this one does!

The good news- he had our sandwich...a BLT with mac & cheese!

Sitting in the car, splitting a sandwich, completely drenched is not exactly how we expected to spend our date night but I guess they can't all be wins!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekend Fun

Our calendar continues to stay full! Friday  evening Abby and Nick joined us for Movies in the Park where they showed Aladdin. 

The weather was great and people watching is always enjoyable! We didn't stay for the whole movie but the night was fun!

Then Saturday night Chris and I hosted our first joint Porch Party for some friends...everyone brought their favorite ice cream topping!

The porch was the star of the night- a cool evening with a light rain...it was wonderful filling our home with friends!

Plus we had really good ice cream!

{In other news...I was happy to glance next to me at a red light last week and see Kelsey...always nice to see a friendly face!}

Friday, August 5, 2016

Our New Home

Well, I say "Our New Home" but Chris and I moved into the home that Abby and I were living in before either of us married.  Plus, it's the home my parents bought when I was in college. But it's new to us as a married couple and it was a huge blessing to have a house to move into!  While in Jacksonville, we started affectionately calling it the Cul-de-Sac House but now we just call it home!

Some things might look the same to those who've visited before, but I was really conscience of making the home feel like "us" and not "me"- of course, all the wedding pictures help!  Our housewarming gift from Moma and Daddy (not to mention all the cleaning and prep they did in the months before we moved!) was a bright and shiny door knocker...you can even see it from the road!

I'm still crazy about the living room color...a green that becomes an amazing compliment and neutral to everything in the room.

When decorating, it's important to repeat colors throughout the space.  As you can see I had no trouble repeating the reds and blues.  But I especially love how the black is repeated in the "C" and "K", "B", the trunk coffee table, the art above the piano and then our black and white wedding pictures buy the front door.  Repeating the black helps ground the space and helps the room feel balanced.

On one of my first trips to Jacksonville during our engagement, we found these red lamps at Kirklands.  I immediately loved them but Chris didn't so we left Kirkland's...me disappointed and Chris wondering what he was getting himself into!  He ended up surprising me with the lamps on my next trip to Jacksonville.  Needless to say,  the lamps have become a symbol of those first few months together...so we basically moved them to Huntsville in our laps!

I still love those lamps and love how they pop against the wall color!

This is the wall immediately inside the front door and I think it might be my favorite!  Our first Christmas together, Abby and Nick gave us this metal piece with our marriage verse on it.  I'm normally a symmetrical kinda girl but this wall and pictures were begging for asymmetry!  What is amazing about asymmetry though is that you can still find balance.

You can see from this picture that the grouping is nearly floor to ceiling but it was the perfect solution since that space was too tight for a piece of furniture.

This piece of art has lived in many spots already...my single girl rental home...this dining room a few years ago...our living room in Jacksonville...and now over the piano.  Chris bought the cotton stems for me in Savannah, GA and the jar they are in are from the shower that my dear friend Bethany had flowers in at my first wedding shower.  Bethany passed away about 18 months later so that mason jar means a lot.

I think Chris's favorite new thing about our home is the new lighting fixture in the dining room!  Its a modern mix of wood, metal and Edison bulbs.

I'm still crazy about all my pewter Wilton Armetale serving pieces we got for wedding gifts so those are on display on the dining room hutch.

 This church window has also known several homes and it is the right compliment for the metal and wood of the dining room light.

The highlight of our home is the screened porch that's off the dining room and on the second story.  As the Forester-Brooks family as a whole, we've hosted many a porch party here and Chris and I love having breakfast together out here most mornings.

It feels like a treehouse!

Back inside, down the hall, I hung our wedding vows to each other.  Of course we wrote our vows by ourselves but found out later they both have 250 words!  What are the chances of that?!!?

Possibly the most used room in our home is the basement...on the downstairs landing, I add our silhouettes from St. Augustine under a picture that says "Every person's life is a fairytale written by God's fingers" (a quote from Hans Christian Anderson).  I had that piece in the same spot before I met Chris and was so excited I had finally had silhouettes to match!

There's no way around the elephant in the room- Chris bought the largest (and most comfortable) couch when we was a bachelor!  If it were an inch bigger, it wouldn't have fit...but we are glad it did! Our basement is the best spot to watch tv and just veg.

Back upstairs, I made a few changes to the Heritage Room (our guest room).  The Heritage Room has Alabama and Huntsville-themed art, my collection of vintage children's books, my many scrapbooks, and pieces from both my grandparents' homes.

Every piece in here tells a story...the rocker was my Nanny's...the quilt was made by my Great Aunt Irene...

...the sign above the closet was on Popall's mailbox...Nanny's jewelry boxes are on the chest of drawers...This room just makes me feel loved and thankful!

The room that's gone through the most transformation is our master bedroom.  We both decided we wanted a navy and coral room and we LOVE it!  I used our current bedspread since it was neutral and just added accent pillows (on clearance at Steinmart).  I found the coral curtains on sale at Kirklands. I love the height they add to the room!

After we had our navy and coral scheme planned, I started seeing it all over Pinterest!  I also saw how gold was a great accent to it so instead of rehanging the dresser mirror, I used a gold one that belonged to my grandparents.  Not only does it add sparkle to the room, it feels more updated that hanging the matching mirror.

On the corner of the dresser, I have my wedding bouquet that I put in a lantern.  I remember as a young girl seeing a friend persevere her bouquet under a cloche and I couldn't wait to display mine!  

In this view you can see what I hung on the far side of the bed- a bright floral print with a gold frame I also found at Kirklands.  On either side are gold mirror candle holders.

Next to the closet, I put Chris's valet and finally had a place to hang my wedding jewelry shadow box that I made with my wedding hair combs, earrings and my purity ring I got when I was 13 years old.  Above that is the "Mrs. Brooks" hanger Moma gave me for my wedding dress.   

I was slightly afraid that painting an average sized bedroom a dark color would make the space feel small but it doesn't!  It makes it feel cozy and romantic!  I also love how it makes the cherry finish of our furniture look so much richer!

I had a decorating epiphany this morning!  I was looking around the house and thinking of my passion to help families with little or no budget beautify their homes and I realized...I'm my own client!   Our home has been decorated over time with things that were hand-me downs, on sale, up-cycled or saved for.

I agree with Jane Austen when she wrote, "There is nothing like saying at home for real comfort" and it thrills my soul to create a place of comfort for us and anyone else that will let me!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Waiting with open hearts

I wanted to share with you all a special prayer concern and need near and dear to my heart.  My sister and brother-in-law, Abby and Nick, are starting the process toward adopting a child.

Before they were married they claimed Jeremiah 29:11 as their life verse:

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Please join our family in praying that adopting a child is part of the Lord's plan for their lives!  Not only would they be wonderful parents, I'm pretty sure I'd be the best aunt EVER!

Because the entire adoption process is so costly, they've started a GoFund Me page to raise funds.  Click here to give...and don't forget to pray for them!