Monday, April 25, 2016


On Sunday night, FBC Jacksonville (where we've been attending) rededicated the renovated Ruth Lindsay Auditorium. It's named after a beloved pastor's wife and was the main sanctuary until they built the huge one where we meet now.

The service was so worshipful and celebratory! Former music ministers Rick Stone (now serving at my home church- Whitesburg!) and Rodney Brooks (at FBC Atlanta now) came for the evening and led in great music.

What made the night all the more special was this is the sanctuary where Chris made his public profession of faith as a young child!  So thankful for the Lord using FBC to bless him then and us now.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

One stitch at a time

I started cross stitching back in November and absolutely love it! It's so rewarding and fun! I just finished my second piece, "A Good Marriage" by Lizzie Kate.  I started it in January but took a couple weeks off when I was under the weather.  I found a post online that showed me how to mount the piece on foam core and frame it, that I just did tonight after a quick trip to Hobby Lobby.  Now, I just need an empty wall!

Friday, April 8, 2016

American Idol Memories

I had a fabulous time watching the American Idol finale last night! I felt like I was at a reunion because I was flooded with tons of memories (doesn't everyone get emotionally attached to tv shows???).

As the retrospective show on Tuesday reminded us, AI introduced most of us to our first reality tv experience. AI's first season (2002) came on while I was in college and since I didn't have a tv in college I didn't watch though I've become a huge Kelly Clarkson fan since.  

For season 2, we three girls were devoted "Clay Mates"- crazy about Clay Aiken!  This was before the time of DVR's so I spent a lot of time setting up our VCR to tape. Remember the pain???  Is the tape empty?? Did I label it so we don't erase??  "Back then" if you didn't get it in tape, there was no way to go back and watch somewhere else.  Needless to say, it stressed me out!  Speaking of "back then", my first text message EVER was voting for Clay in the finale. Of course, in 2003, texting  "v-o-t-e" was more like "8-8-8-6-6-6-8-3-3"...remember that?!?  We also passed the house phone around the room, getting all our votes in. Unfortunately, even with all our efforts, Ruben beat Clay.

My Season 3 memory of AI was of talking to Moma on the phone from PCC and hearing about Fantasia singing "Summertime"- I hated missing that season! 

Season 4 was my favorite season- I loved the Top 10- Anwar, Nadia, Carrie and of course Constantine!  I was interning at Camp Victory by this time and since there's little tv reception in the middle of no where, Moma and Daddy would VIDEO tape each episode and mail it to me! Many weeks, Abby would drive the 2 hours from Pensacola, where she was working, to camp to watch with me.  For the two night finale, I tried to watch with a group at camp but they were so disruptive on night one  I actually got a hotel room in Pensacola JUST to watch the finale!  Since Carrie's win, I've remained a loyal fan. So loyal that when the four of us saw her at Redstone's outdoor concert, we braved a tornado warning to see her! Daddy won't let us forget he shook her hand!  I also loved Constantine and his smoldering looks at the camera. I bought his first single when we still had dial-up internet so it took about 5 hours to download...then burn onto my MP3 player.  As you can see, DVR and iTunes have revolutionized my life! 

All my Season 5 memories can be summed up in one word- TAYLOR!  Taylor Hicks is from Birmingham and I had a couple of Auburn alum friends who sort of knew him so in my mind, I knew him too!  I'm not ashamed to say I might have stalked him one year when he performed at Panoply.  SOUL PATROL!  He still one of my favs!

As seasons 6, 7 and 8 came and went, I still watched but didn't get nearly as emotionally attached. By Season 9, I stopped watching but when I heard the series was ending, I knew I wanted to be a part of Season 15.  I thought I wanted La Porsha to win, but in the last few weeks Trent has just burst forth and I ended up voting for him.  Thank goodness Wednesday's voting was a ton easier than in 2003!

All these memories came flooding back as we watched last night and I did get a little choked up toward the end. Thanks for all the memories, American Idol!