Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Weekend

We stayed in Jacksonville this year for Easter.  We hosted a family brunch Saturday where our dessert served as our centerpieces- Spring dirt cups!

I also made candied bacon which left me wondering why it's taken my whole life to discover this treat!

How cute is Ranant's t-shirt??? "Being a pilot doesn't make you cool but if you're cool you're probably a pilot." 

Memom gives us all these cute little chickens that hide an Easter egg!

After brunch, we headed to FBC with Mom and Dad to see the Jacksonville Passion Play. 

This is FBC's 11th year to do the play and I knew it would be good but I was blown away by it! This year's play showed Creation through the Second Coming and I literally cried from Creation to the Second Coming!  One of the first songs was the Trinity singing about creating someone who can love thier creation.

They used three large screens behind the stage to really bring to life the different scenes. Here's Abraham and Isaac on Mount Mariah.

One of the most emotional songs for me was "Deliver Us" depicting the story of Moses. I'm sure my studies of Moses in BSF deepened my connection but I was a basket case (pun intended!). After showing the slavery of Isreal and their cries to "deliver us", the scene shifted to Moses' mother placing him in the basket and then in the river. After Pharaoh's daughter found him, Miriam then sings to her brother, "deliver us". So very moving!

Once we got to the New Testement, one scene was all about Jesus' miracles.

The trial and crucifixion of Christ was hard to watch but really was good for my heart to see His sacrifice for me. There seemed to be a holy hush over the crowd.  Then there was such anticipation for the Resurrection! The perfectly chosen song was "Arise My Love" sung by Daniel Crews (aka the angel on top of the tomb). 

It was incredible was Jesus arose!!!!!  I wish you had all been there with me!

The closing song was a victorious scene of the Trinity in Heaven, with the saints presenting their crowns and worshipping. 

The last, most moving, surprising, "I-just-read-this-in-my-BSF-lesson" element was when Jesus entered riding a white horse!

An absolute fantastic portrayal of the Scripture! 

After such an amazing afternoon, we rounded out our evening with the traditional dying of eggs!  We're big kids at heart, I guess!

Today's church service continued with wonderful music and a great sermon. First Baptist has been a wonderful blessing in our lives! He is risen indeed!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Girls Night!

On a last minute whim, Abby drove down for the weekend! It worked out great cause Bethany was hosting a Let's Chalk party.  The party was a blast! We got to choose between dozens of stencil designs...traced it on a chalkboard, then used paint pens and chalk to pretty it up. Plus, the artist that taught us, let us choose a frame and framed it for us.  We LOVED it!

Here are our finished pieces...

You can see the detail a little better here...

Here's what the other ladies did...

Aren't they cute?!?!  I wanted to paint about 15 of them! So glad to share such a fun night with Abby!