Sunday, January 17, 2016

A day with friends

We took a short drive up to Fort Pulaski just outside Savannah, GA to spend the day with the Whiteds who drove down from their home in Charlotte. 

Julie and I have been friends since college...we were in each others weddings and our friendship has only grown stronger over the years and across the miles.  Her three adorable kids call us Aunt Katy and Uncle Chris and we could just eat them up!  Given the look on Jayce's face, I'm not sure he doesn't trust us not to!

The day was beautiful and we enjoyed learning all about Fort Pulaski's roll in the civil war.  The kids were so excited to see the cannons and soldiers and asked about a million questions!


Learning about spinning wool and making socks.

This was our first time meeting Alise (who will be 2 in June)...and we fell in love with her!

Jon & Julie...celebrating 9 years on March 17...time flies when you're in love!

Celebrating the fact my husband loves windblown hair!

Celebrating 15 years (almost to the day!) of being kindred spirits!
I love when we're near the ocean and see these HUGE container ships!!

From here you can see Hilton Head...

...and Tybee Island!

We headed over to Tybee after the fort and enjoyed lunch at The Crab Shack.  It was pretty wacky but fun!

We almost got eaten by this alligator!

One of my fav pics of the day!  I love that Alex is 100% boy!

Jayce was so excited to see the gators!

Alex was a fan of Chris's hat all day and finally got to sport it at lunch.  How cute is he?!?!

What a treat to spend a whole day with our close friends and their sweet and hilarious kids.  Certainly a day to remember!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Aunt's Brag Book

About 90% of the pictures on my phone are of Honey Bunch so I figured it was time to brag on our pretty girl!

Here she is hiding after she and Abby got home from the vet. Holding a grudge Abby said!

Here she is trying to catch the elusive laser...

We love our Honey Bunch!