Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love gone wild!

Chris and I had a fantastic Valentine's weekend!  We started Friday night with one of our favorites...a gigantic baked ziti...and...drum roll...

...butternut squash bread pudding with creme anglaise and mixed berries! This is the dish we had on our honeymoon and one I learned to make last year and for an ENTIRE year, Chris has been begging for it!  It was so very yummy!

We took advantage of the incredible Spring-like weather and spent Saturday at the Jacksonville Zoo!  We loved every minute of it!  I think all the big kitties were my favorite...for obvious (Honey Bunch!) reasons.

How cute is this little one!?!?!?

Chris loves giraffes so we spent a lot of time checking these guys out.  I couldn't believe how close they'd get to us!  

I named these two "Abby & Katy"

Ah, the love birds...

 ...and some other birds!

We watched the sea lions do their thing- very cute and funny!

At the ape exhibit I asked a zoo employee the difference between apes and gorillas and he started listing all the animals in that family and just as straight-faced as anything listed apes, gorillas, humans...

I just laughed and shook my blind that poor guy is.  Yeah, that ape looks like a person in a furry suit, but our grand Creator did not make apes that happened to turn into people.

Genesis 1:27
"So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them."

With all that said...this does remind me of a few family members!

I couldn't help but hear all those animals from the Madagascar movies!  Look...the New York Giants!

We wrapped up our Valentine's with a hibachi dinner- Chris's surprise to me! 

Those places are just so much fun...we had an absolute blast together!  What could be better than a heart shaped from rice? Pretty sure it's my love language!

The final result was a masterpiece of fried rice, veggies and filet mignon.  A delicious end to a sweet weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How sweet it is... be loved by you!

My Valentines started early with a special delivery at work. I have such a thoughtful husband!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Mixer

So Ranant (that's Chris's 90-something grandfather) gave Memom (that Chris's 80-something grandmother) a Kitchen Aid mixer for her birthday last week.

He had noticed that Memom was having issues with her hand mixer and decided a Kitchen Aid was exactly what she needed.

So he went to buy the mixer and because it's bulky and heavy and he's 90-something, one of the sales clerks carried it to the checkout.  Another wrapped it for him.  And another carried it to the car for him.

But once he got home, he couldn't get it out of the car!

He had us in stitches describing how he got a cart and was able to slide the mixer onto it.  Once the cart got to back door, he ended up sliding it off and sliding the mixer...already wrapped!...all the way down the hall! And I think that's where Memom ended up finding it and opening her birthday gift!

The whole story was so sweet...mainly because Ranant noticed something that would help Memom and he wasn't going to let anything, even a bulky, heavy mixer stand in his way!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The email that changed everything

Two years ago today...

Neither of us can believe we've known each other two years already! We can't thank the Lord enough for His faithfulness in bringing us together. We thank Him, too, for His faithfulness during our first two years together as He helps us learn and love each other every day. 

Happy Day-We-Were-Matched Anniversary, sweetheart!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A birthday brunch

We gathered this morning for a birthday brunch to celebrate Memom's 83rd birthday. She adds such sweetness to our family so we were excited to love on her today.

We met at the Corner Bakery and enjoyed our food....especially the free bunt cake the restaurant surprised Memom with!

Chris and I gave her a piece for her Fontinini nativity set...I think she loved it!

Happy birthday, Memom! We love you!