Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

We had a fabulous week in Huntsville celebrating Christmas!  We stayed with Moma and Daddy and they are the perfect Christmas elves...they add such festive touches to everything.

Sunday evening we all went to First Baptist to see their Living Christmas Tree, a perfect start to our week.

Moma even got to see what the top row of the tree would feel like.  Isn't she adorable?!?!

Monday evening we had some close BSF friends over and enjoyed lots of yummy food and laughs!

Nick recited a redneck's version of "The Night Before Christmas" that left us all in stitches!  He's hilarious!

Tuesday afternoon we drove to Arab to visit Honey Bunch...I mean Nick and Abby!  LOL- they know who we were there for!

After a delicious dinner (thanks Abby!) and fun games, we called it a night, though Honey Bunch had a hard time watching us leave.

On Christmas Eve we headed to Tinsel Town to see all the decorated trees in the park.

What a great family I have!

These are my two favorite trees...

 Later in the week we also hit up the Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Gardens.

Our Christmas Eve is always a favorite...that's when we open presents from each other.  

We all absolutely love shopping for just the right gifts for everyone and then watching their excitement at opening them.

Moma never let go of her gigantic box of chocolate covered cherries!

Nick loved his board games and Wolverine snuggie!

Actually, we all loved his snuggie!

Chris just can't escape the Tide!

Abby adored her Little Monsters...some of our favorite childhood book characters. gotta love the aftermath!

Here are some more highlights from the week...


My sweetheart won!

Before leaving town, we were able to meet the Phillips for lunch...always a blessing to see friends!

Our trip back to Jacksonville was forever long with terrible traffic, but my new travel pillow helped me relax.  Love my cows!

Our course I don't look to fortune cookies to direct my life, but if I did, I'd love this one that I got at Mei Wei on Tuesday...

Here comes 2015!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Note to self

This... not a gift card!

Do not go through the drive-thru, hungry for a delish breakfast and hand it to the cashier, expecting it to cover your meal.

The cashier will laugh and say, "that's the top of the gift card!" 

Chic-fil-a will not use the top of a gift card to pay for breakfast.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

More Christmas Happenings

Enjoyed a Charles Billingsley Christmas concert at First Baptist Jax...

Baked Christmas cookies....I was Chris's assistant!

Enjoyed dinner with Michael and Leigh... Christmas Poke Cake was a hit!

You can't beat chocolate, peppermint and Oreos!

We've enjoyed all our Christmas happenings here in Jax...but it's almost time for Christmas in Dixie!