Friday, October 31, 2014

Charleston {Historic Downtown)

I think we reached our 20,000 steps-a-day goal in Charleston!  We also might need a second camera since we're both shutterbugs!

Rainbow Row

The Battery

We toured the Edmondson-Alston House

My handsome husband...he's so fun!

Favorite door EVER!

I absolutely loved the Charleston City Market...right across from our hotel...

There were hundreds of vendors and artists with such fun goodies!  We also got there early enough Sunday evening to catch the evening market.  I think we walked the full length about 4 or 5 times!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Charleston {Night Life}

Charleston is such a sweet spot for a romantic much strolling and amazing views.

The porch swings on the pier were so perfect! Thank you, Charleston!

We saw a couple playing with fire...literally!

We were never more sure that we were old-souls as at dinner Saturday night!  Apparently young, crazy, drunk kids love Charleston after-dark on weekends!  The crowds were insane so we ended up at a restaurant/bar in an old church.  We asked God to forgive us and wolfed down our food! It was pretty memorable for sure!

Both our evenings were so pleasant...we were over-the-moon happy (especially at the Moon Pie store)!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Charleston {USS Yorktown}

Visiting the USS Yorktown increased our appreciation for the men and women in the service.


...the visit was so claustrophobic for me!  I can't imagine living war...with almost 4,000 people! About the only spots I could breathe were the hanger deck and flight deck.  The "stairs" were more like ladders and so tight and steep.  This was major adventure for me!


The bunks...that fold down for sleeping (in case you were worried!)

Bomb elevator!

The USS Yorktown served during WWII and was retired in 1975 so it had the look and smell of a well-worked space.

Ever need to make 10,000 cookies?  Don't forget to buy 112 lbs. of chocolate chips, 500 eggs, 87 lbs. of shortening and 3 cups of vanilla!

This is where the pilots would plan their flights.  It was amazing to look at those worn chairs and see the history there.

I also couldn't get over how small the cockpits were in these planes!

Ad. Ven. Ture.

Who's steering this thing?!?!?

Just think about all that was seen through these windows!

The Medal of Honor Museum

We also got the visit the submarine USS Clamagore.  From the pier, it looked huge but...

...the closer we got...

...the smaller and tighter and under-er the water it was!

I actually did climb down...see my life flash before my eyes...curl up in a ball and weep...wonder why my husband was trying to kill me on our anniversary trip...and climb right over some little kid back up the ladder and onto solid land where God intended me to be.

Thank you to those who serve...and until they start recruiting chickens, I'll just provide moral support!