Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bits & Pieces

Just a few pics off my phone of our last week...

I found the cutest picnic basket at Goodwill for $4.99!

I made a banner for our mantle for the 4th- it's just scrapbook paper stapled to rickrack and cost just $1.25!

Our friends that just moved near us, just moved away! Hey, we can take a hint! Actually, they had a mold issue and had to move out which meant we got to help them move again. At least it was only 120 degrees today!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Tale of Two Beaches

Our first tale starts with two lovebirds headed out bright and early for a day in the sun.

We had our books...iPods...picnic beach chairs and umbrella...everything you'd need for a beach day.

The sun was bright, the water beautiful and the lovebirds happy to share the first day of summer together!


Pictures don't capture the second tale of the the day really went.

Our day did start bright and early and we were excited to beat the traffic and get a parking space close. 

Because I overthink, overplan and apparently overpack, we had 4 pack mules worth of things to carry!  Once we plopped everything down (including Chris's huge, hardback commentary on John he insisted we bring!) we set up our chairs and umbrella and settled in. 

But that lasted about 15 seconds!

The leg of Chris's chair busted apart the minute he sat down!  I hopped up to help and noticed it had cut him and his finder was sliced open and was dripping blood. 

Hello, perfect beach day. 

After that little bump in the road, I tried to settle in to a book while Chris took a walk, but my brain isn't the kind that relaxes at the beach. 

The sun was bright and beautiful but also dehydrated me or gave me sun stroke because for the next 3 hours or so, I felt terrible. 

We managed to take a walk together and choke down our lunch but when our umbrella fell over we knew the end was near!

When I think about all those carefree people at the beach I wonder..  

Do they not worry about getting skin cancer...their phones getting wet...their things getting stolen while they stroll...where to park...where the nearest bathrooms are...creepy, crawly things in the sand???

I think somewhere along the lines, I missed the carefree beach gene but thankfully I have a husband who loves me in spite of it!

Our day and weekend ended beautifully but let this be a reminder to us all that pictures only tell one side of the tale!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekly update

Thank you for praying for Chris as he took his CFA test on Saturday.  It was a long 6 hours, but he felt the peace you prayed for!

We visited Kingsland Plantation and had to dodge a peacock!!!! A first for everything!

Karen was in town again to visit her new grandson and she met me for lunch on Tuesday. It was so nice to try a new spot get caught up!

I made Hellmans Parmensan Chicken and it was soooo good! Google the recipe and enjoy the juiciest chicken ever!

The biggest client we do accounting for is owns several restaurants in town, including M Shack Burgers. They were doing a test run on their new food truck so we got free lunch! 


Here I am with Fred and Michael...the two guys I work with...they are so kind and hillarious!

Thursday night, I headed to the Bible Study my friend from church invited me to. We are studying the women of the Bible and I've enjoyed making new friends. 

We finally found a homemade ice cream recipe that's delish! It's Philladelphia-style, meaning there's no eggs...and in my case that means no nasty custard taste! I'm also making Moma's amazing peach cobbler and taking both to our Father's Day dinner with Chris's parents tonight. 

Happy weekend, friends!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


In my quest to stretch our grocery budget as far as possible, my new favorite thing is ad match at Wal-Mart. And the best part of Wal-Mart's newest ad match program is that they match BOGO's (buy one, get one) from competitors.

So every week as I'm making menus and my grocery list, I check the Winn-Dixie and Publix ads to see what BOGO's they have.  I like getting all my groceries at Wal-Mart instead of running around to multiple stores, plus their prices are lower to begin with so I really get a big bang for my BOGO buck!  It would be really easy to start buying more "splurge" items when they are BOGO, but I try to stick with only foods that work in my weekly menu or foods we already eat on regular basis.

Here are my BOGO's from the last couple of weeks...

Muffin mixes (great for my hubby's breakfast, plus I love this brand)

Kraft salad dressing (one bottle of  Lite Italian makes 2 meals of the Capellini Caprese recipe we love)

Wheat thins

Hotdogs (for all our summer cookouts that are sure to happen)

Bagel Thins (a delish toasted breakfast- 110 calories!)

Caprisun (can anyone say BEACH???)

Sour cream


Olive Oil

Instant Grits

Purchased at regular price, that would cost about $25 and I got it all for about $12!  Plus, food isn't taxed in Florida, so that's even better!

Posted at each Wal-Mart register is a sign stating their ad match policy, part of which is you don't have to have the competitors ad with you!  On my grocery list I write "BOGO" and circle it next to each item that's on sale so I don't forget.  As I shop, I put all my BOGO's in the top basket of the cart, so that as I load the conveyor belt at check-out, it's all together and I can tell the cashier.

I have a silly sense of great accomplishment every time my BOGO haul is a good one...My next project?
Learning to coupon!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday and I was showered with treats all day!

It meant so much to get so many birthday cards from friends near and far...

I made us chocolate chip pancakes with birthday cake ice cream for breakfast- the only way to live!

The guys (Michael & Fred) I work with are great and brought me a Maple Street biscuit for breakfast #2 and a birthday cake! 

Chris took me to a delicious Mexican dinner cause the birthday girl was needing some cheese dip!

Then somehow we found room for Dreamette ice cream...a birthday miricle!

Then he surprised me with a cookies and cream cake but didn't eat that till today, just so you know! The man knows my love language!

Lest you think my birthday was all about food, I must tell you how much I missed my co-birthday girl, especially considering we've been sharing birthdays our whole life.

Much love to my precious parents and sister who love me more than I can fathom.