Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our 6 month anniversary

I knew months ago that I wanted to recreate our favorite honeymoon dessert for our anniversary.  Since I don't do well with delayed gratification, I knew I couldn't wait till October so it seemed the perfect highlight for our 6 month anniversary on Saturday.

We fell in love with the Butternut Squash Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise and Mixed Berries at Gorham's Bluff.  I started baking on Friday and think I used every dish in the kitchen!

I had to roast the squash...puree it...make the bread...then the bread pudding...then the creme anglaise.

This is why this is a once-a-year treat...unless my husband has anything to say about it!  He's already put his weekly order in.

We both enjoyed using our "B" dishes for the first romantic!

 We also enjoyed some board games and a visit from the neighbors dog...he's a sweetie!

Chris grilled us steaks and we devoured them with salads, baked potatoes and fresh, homemade strawberry lemonade.

We wrapped up the night with our dessert and I think we both cried a little it was soooooo good- just like we remembered!

We are so thankful to the Lord for bringing us together and blessing us with six months together as husband and wife. 

You know one thing I love about my husband?  We share one important love language- food!  We make a perfect...and often stuffed...pair!

Friday, April 25, 2014

To "B" or not to "B"

Our embossed "B" dishes finally came in at Lawrens! We ordered them in December and it's taken this long to get them but they were worth the wait!

So incredibly beautiful...

They are so pretty, I'm a little afraid to use them but I'm trying to be very intentional on using every wedding gift this year. I don't want to get to our 10 year anniversary and still have things in a box!

Thank you again to all our precious friends who gifted us with our "B" dishes. The platter is from my BSF friends who hosted one of my showers and I will always treasure it!

I think we will use them for the first time at our 6 month anniversary dinner Saturday night. It will "B" fabulous!!!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

Ready for some pictures?  We took a ton this weekend as we headed north to celebrate with our Alabama family!

In our quest to see every state capitol, we stopped in Tallahassee for a quick shot then headed to Camp Victory, that's halfway between Jacksonville and Huntsville.

I was so excited to show Chris camp for the first time, but it was pouring rain the whole time but Barb took good care of us and it was good to spend time together.

On our way up I-65, we stopped in Montgomery for our next capitol...

...and of course I had to introduce Chris to the Peach Park and hot peach cobbler!

Hello, Huntsville!  It's good to see you!!!

Talk about a welcome!  How sweet is our family?!?!

The weather was perfectly spring-ish and we enjoyed a few hours at the Greenway, strolling and playing Frisbee.  Adding our guys in the Forester family mix has brought so much fun!

Moma had the house all decked out with cute Easter decorations and treats...she's the best hostess!

We played a bunch of board games...and discovered we are on the cusp of European gaming!  Who knew :)

Got a little retro with Mouse Trap!

One morning we as we were getting breakfast ready, we looked over to see Chris and Nick intently doing something together on their phones and it made us all smile at our expanded family.  We are so blessed!

It's not Easter till the kitchen smells like vinegar and everyone's fingers are green and blue!

Moma and Daddy took us to their new favorite place- the pizza cafe at the museum of can't beat pizza outside!

 The Easter Bunny broke into the house and left us all baskets of goodies!

How perfect for all the new newly weds...

Last year, Easter fell two days after Chris and I had first met in person.  My goodness how a year can change things!

We got old school again Sunday afternoon with a backyard game of croquet and discovered half of us need more practice!

I won't mention any names but ick-nay ayes-hay (I'm using pig Latin to protect privacy) was having his own private Easter egg hunt with his croquet ball!

Chris and I headed back to Jacksonville on Monday morning and hit our third capitol of the weekend...Atlanta.

We stopped for lunch at the Chick-fil-a Dwarf House outside Atlanta.  It's a CFA in an old diner that was named the Dwarf House.  They offer the regular CFA menu plus an extended menu with diner foods.

 A little weird, but hey...I'll take my Polynesian sauce anyway I can get it!

Our Easter weekend was so great and reminded all over again how much I love my family!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Strawberry Festival

 We headed south to Starke, FL on Saturday for the Strawberry Festival and had a great time!

We strolled through the vendors...and food trucks!

We split a strawberry lemonade slush and a macaroni & bacon grilled cheese from the Happy Place truck.  I think I've found my new favorite place!!!

We bought half a flat of strawberries...

...and plan on having some delish strawberry shortcakes!  Even better?  They will be guilt-free with low calorie angel food cupcakes.  Yummy!

Everyone head on over...we have plenty to share!