Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Honeymoon {Hsv & Atl}

It was certainly hard to leave Asheville, but we were excited to have a day to see our Huntsville family before heading to Jacksonville.  We loved sitting around with the fam and reliving the wedding and telling them all about our honeymoon.

Of course, Moma had a cupcake to celebrate Chris's birthday!

I just love this pic Moma snapped right before we left...It's so honeymoon-ish! 

We decided to split our trip to Jax into two days and spent Saturday night at the Westin in downtown's the TALL round one on the right.

We stayed on the 47th floor! The elevator ride felt like an amusement park ride to me- YIKES!!!!

But look at this view- totally worth the stomach-turning elevator ride!


We opted for a low-key pizza dinner in our room looking out over the city...

On Sunday we headed to Jacksonville to start our married life together.  We stopped in to visit Mom and Dad Brooks and found that they had decorated my car too! 

Have you picked up on the fact that we think our honeymoon was just wonderful!?!?!  It was a beautiful week after a beautiful wedding at the start of a beautiful life.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Honeymoon {Asheville, NC}

Chris and I ADORED our three days in Asheville, NC! It was so "us." There just aren't words to describe how beautiful our Chestnut Cabin at The Farm was.  It was perfectly honeymoon-ish! 

Look how storybook it is...
The interior was one large room...
...with a breakfast kitchen by the front door...
...a sleeping alcove with lovely, huge bed with luxurious linens...

 ...and an incredible bathroom with a soaking tub, a huge shower lined with metal barn siding...

...and a fireplace on the back porch!

 As you can see...we had a blast!

Tuesday night, we strolled through Asheville and found a Mexican place with delicious nachos.

Wednesday was Chris's birthday!  After a lazy morning, we headed to the Biltmore.

Once you get on the estate, it still takes about 10 minutes to get to the house, but the drive is so scenic...especially with my handsome husband next to me!

WE LOVED THE BILTMORE!  You literally walk from the parking lot through some woods and around a corner to this view!

The weather was perfect for us to tour America's largest home. 


We had more good food!  Chris had a bison burger and I had a turkey hot brown.  Later we had the best vanilla milkshake EVER!

On our first day at Biltmore, we toured the outside and gardens.  We had such a good time together.  We loved the casualness, history, nature and romance of Biltmore.

I so expected to see Mr. Darcy ride up!

The conservatory...

As we were leaving the estate, we drove by this beautiful lake...we just couldn't stop thanking the Lord for surrounding us with such beauty and love.

Looks like some other people were feeling the love too!

To celebrate Chris's birthday, I made surprise dinner reservations several months ago at the Red Stag Grill in the Grand Bohemian Hotel.
Talk about fancy-schamcy!  How handsome does my birthday boy look in his bow tie?!?!

I think we all should have giant red wingbacks in our dining rooms!  Our meal was very good- a wedge salad, fillet mignon, asparagus, potatoes, mac and cheese, hot lava chocolate cake and banana pudding.

I've never seen the Godfather movies, but I think Chris looks like the godfather here! 

The room was very dim so the menus were backlit- how fun is that?!?

We went back to tour the interior of the Biltmore on Thursday and it was breathtaking.  We couldn't take pictures inside but loved seeing the grand dining room, indoor swimming pool, kitchens and so much more.  We took an additional Butler's Tour and got to see even more behind-the-scenes.  The staff had most of the Christmas decorations up, so we got the thrill of the autumn foliage outside and the festive Christmas trees inside!

In just a day, the leaves got even more vibrant so we stopped and strolled the grounds again...


By Thursday night, I had eaten more Southern food, grits and bacon that I thought possible so we opted for hibachi for dinner!

I really can't say enough good things about our time in Ashsville...we made memories we'll treasure forever!