Sunday, October 20, 2013

Goodbye, Singleness

{It’s wedding week, friends! The to-do list is dwindling, the bride’s trying to sleep as much as she
can, the groom is highly energized, the family is processing their multi-page schedules and it all feels like a lovely dream!  This will be my last post until after the wedding so I’ll thank you in
advance for your prayers over all the week’s travels and activities.  See you at our wedding!}

As real…as fantastic…as life-altering…as all-encompassing as
loving and getting ready to marry Chris is, it is hard for my brain to wrap
around the fact that Katy Forester is getting married.  I’ve dreamed and prepared for marriage for as
long as I can remember-
I dressed-up as a bride when I was 7

I promised my purity to my future husband when I was 13

I wrote letters to my husband when I was 15

I prayed faithfully for him every day during college

I read marriage and relationship books when I was 25

I determined not to settle when I was 28

I wondered if he existed when I was 30

I recognized him as my husband almost immediately the first time I saw his picture when I was 31

The dream of marriage and family has been my constant companion my whole life.  And for these
last 12 years, especially the last 7, singleness has been a label I was uncomfortable with because I didn’t want to be Single Katy.  I wanted to be Sadie, Sadie, married lady with a husband to love and children to raise.

But the Lord has been so gracious to me along every step of the way, gently teaching me, molding me, sustaining me.  As many of you know, I faced a crisis of faith 4 years ago where the Lord emptied me of my hopes and dreams and filled me back with His purpose and joy and set me on a path I totally didn’t expect but one that brought more happiness and fulfillment that I thought possible.  It was along that path that He brought Chris into my life. 

“Singleness” has been an ugly word in my mind for so long- it stood for lonely nights and empty arms. Yet I tried to be somewhat open with my journey of prolonged singleness
because it seemed to be a subject some people laughed at, didn’t take serious or thought I could fix.  I also tried to live a full life, making sure I didn’t put life on hold waiting for marriage.  I was able to spend much time and energy on my family and friends- moments I wouldn’t trade and will always cherish but there was always something (someone!) missing.

I feel immensely blessed that the Lord brought Chris into my life at the exact right time and I’m excited to start this new chapter of my life with him, so it’s with much happiness, gratefulness and amazement that I say, “Goodbye, singleness.”  Let’s go get married!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Days

Did you know I get married in 10 days?!?!

There are a ton of last minute details to work out but my plan is to work like crazy till next Wednesday when Chris gets into town and then turn over "The Clipboard" and just be a bride.

Hope that plan works!

In the midst of so much craziness, I am trying to squeeze in some last minute fun, visits and lunches with my friends.

Tonight's outing- a Mountain Gap football game to see my favorite mascot- Keri!

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Something Blue

My matron-of-honor (my dear sister!) hosted my last bridal shower today- can you believe it's time for my last shower already!!?!  The shower theme was "something blue," reflected by Nanny's blue tablecloth on the table and Abby's cute and yummy cupcakes.

Several of my UNA friends were able to come and it was nice to get caught up with them and some of my other friends I haven't seen in a while.  

(from L to R: Rachel, Victoria, Jennifer, Alicia, Leslie, Lindsay, Annie, Abby & Kaitlin)
Such a fun afternoon with delicious food and lots of laughs!

Thank you for all my lovely things, girlies!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Date Night

Chris and I had a blast Friday night at Dave & Buster's!

Chris loves air hockey...I love skee ball...we love being together, so it was a great date!

Chris won 1,000 tickets in an amazing power pull so we got a giant Gator foam finger!

After a busy week of work and wedding details, being able to de-stress together in a fun atmosphere was just perfect!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Fur Niece

I'm pretty sure Honey Bunch might be a little confused.

When Abby and I got her back in January (look how little!)...

...I called Abby her Moma, but then I started loving her and called myself her Moma, but then our Moma would come over and we called her Moma!

Well the mother question can now be settled because Honey Bunch has now been adopted and is officially Honey Bunch Hayes, living with the happy newlyweds.

(Look at her cute little stairs someone bought for their fur grandbaby!)

Chris and I love our little fur niece and I will miss kissing her furry little belly everyday but she's settling in nicely with Abby and Nick and we have unlimited visitation rights!

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weekend Update

Chris has been in town since Thursday and we've stayed pretty busy, meeting with our pastor, florist, photographer and cake lady, finalizing last minute details.

But of course we've made time for family! We met Moma and Daddy for dinner for Chris's first visit to Rosie's- SOOO much fun!!

Then on Friday we joined our newlyweds, Abby & Nick at their home for a delicious dinner and board great to enjoy a double date together!

We also made time for some unique Huntsville jaunts, including breakfast at Rolo's with Jeana and Derek, the Madison Street Festival and Ditto Landing, where the Nina and Pinta were docked.

The days are flying by...we'll be married in no time!!!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Courthouse

Chris has been begging me to meet him at the courthouse...and I finally did!!!

BUT...not to elope!

We went to get our marriage license making us a very happy bride and groom!

Our license cost $59 and my sweet fiancé said it was the best $59 he's ever spent and I assured him he'll get a good return on his investment!

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