Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday

Remember this picture from last year?

Beautiful Sunday is now a year old! 
Jennifer hosted an adorable ice cream sundae themed party and the birthday girl was the cutest birthday girl ever!

Such sweet friends celebrating their beautiful Sunday...

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Only 27 days until this man is my husband! Our love deepens does our awe over the gift of each other...the Lord is good!!!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I have eaten more than my share of Abby's wedding cake but is by far the best wedding cake EVER!!!

Even five days out, it's still so moist and delicious! Gail Gibbs, Guntersville's Cake Lady, is amazing! Check out this article about her business and go order yourself a cake!!

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Monday, September 23, 2013


My sweet, thoughtful, romantic fiancé knew just what I needed after a hectic wedding weekend- a quite, relaxing evening with just the two of us.

We strolled through the park at sunset (dreaming of our wedding day!) then enjoyed a late al fresco dinner at Mei Wei.

What a blessed woman I am!!!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Abby & Nick's Wedding Weekend

The last four days have been jammed packed and we've been running around like crazy but the wedding was beautiful! The weekend had so many surreal moments, but the minute I saw Abby walk down the aisle it felt very real and wonderful! 

The wedding rehearsal went great!

Daddy prayed a beautiful blessing over the rehearsal dinner...

We had delicious Mexican food and heard sweet speeches from the bride and groom's family...

Abby and Nick presented their parents with picture frames holding three generations of wedding pictures- a gift they loved!

Wedding day started off with me, Abby and Honey Bunch laying in bed singing "Going to the Chapel!"

"...Lord help the mister, who comes between me and my sister...and Lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man!"  I was so very proud to be Abby's Maid of Honor, or as I liked to say "Almost-Matron of Honor!"

Lindsey snapped this picture of me being a little excited about all the friends and family I saw when I glanced downstairs- I LOVED seeing so many of our loved ones in one place!

Pre-ceremony prayer with the bride...
Even more people came after I snapped this shot!

On my way down the aisle, I heard several people whisper, "that's her twin sister"- it cracked me up that I could hear them!

The ceremony was just beautiful and it was everything Abby and Nick wanted. 

Look at that happy bride!!!! 

 My beautiful parents...

The reception was so very pink and pretty and the cake and cupcakes were the best I've EVER had at a wedding!!

Nick LOVED his Superman groom's cake and funny!
Saying goodbye was a little harder than I expected...

We couldn't be happier for the new Mr. & Mrs. Hayes!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mrs. Nick Hayes

Abby was a beautiful bride today!

Wedding weekend pics to follow soon, but here's a beautiful shot from her portrait session a couple of weeks ago.


Can't wait to share more from our weekend! Much love and endless thanks to our AMAZING friends who helped us make Abby and Nick's day beautiful- how blessed we are to have you in our lives!!!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wedding Week Update

For being 3 days from Abby's wedding and 37 from mine, I'd say we Forester girls are holding up pretty good!
This is certainly helping the brides...

And so is this cuteness..

The biggest help?

Our Moma!  She is able to talk about Abby's wedding one minute, then jump to mine the next.  She's the master of errands, lists, ideas, solutions, calming down her brides and doing it all with such love and grace.  Plus she's managed to do it all with a smile, always focused on making memories!
I'd like to nominate her for "Mother-of-the-Brides of the Year" award!
(In full, funny disclosure, last night I over-bought and prepared 40 extra rehearsal dinner invitations and stamps!  I briefly lost my mind and was counting actual people and not households.  Oh well...wonder if the post office will refund my money?!?!)

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in Review

Believe it or not, we are just a week out from Abby and Nick's wedding! The last few days have been full of getting ready for their big day but I did get the chance to go to my gown fitting. Our dear friends Karen and Meg tagged along to get a sneak peak!


Honey Bunch will be moving to Arab with Abby, so I've been enjoying my last few days with our cute fur ball!

She's been so cute lately!

We love when she meets us at the front door!

The other day, she crawled into her carrier with her stuffed ducky!

Stay posted for Wedding Week #1 updates....

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mama, he's crazy!

Here's what happens when I scan the radio for 9 hours driving back to Huntsville: Classic Country!  I really listened to this song for the first time and couldn't help grin, thinking about my man!
Mama, I found someone
Like you said would come along
He's a sight, so unlike
Any man I've known
I was afraid to let him in
'Cause I'm not the trusting kind
But now I'm convinced
That he's heaven sent
And must be out of his mind

Mama, he's crazy
Crazy over me
And in my life is where he says
He always wants to be
I've never been so loved
He beats all I've ever seen
Mama, he's crazy
He's crazy over me

And, Mama, you've always said
Better look before you leap
Maybe so, but here I go
Lettin' my heart lead me
He thinks I hung the moon and stars
I think he's a livin' dream
Well, there are men
But ones like him
Are few and far between

Mama, he's crazy
Crazy over me
And in my life is where he says
He always wants to be
I've never been so loved
He beats all I've ever seen
Mama, he's crazy
He's crazy over me
Oh, Mama, he's crazy
He's crazy over me

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My new allegiance

{Bama fans, please avert your eyes}

Though I love my state and have proudly worn crimson for the last few years, I've decided to embrace Chris' Florida Gators and start wearing orange and blue!
Today, we're watching our first Gator game so of course I served our game day lunch on orange and blue plates! I didn't notice till later that even our fries are orange- Now that's hardcore!

I picked up BBQ for sliders from a local place only to find the owners are from Huntsville so they had white BBQ sauce (a North Alabama creation, btw). We also found Sticky Fingers Carolina sauce that's amazing!

So even though my colors have changed, at least I'm sneaking in some Bama Sauce!!!
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