Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Our weekend started with a date night at 4 Rivers BBQ where we ate waaaaayyy too much, but had a blast doing so!

We did a lot of errands around town but have such an appreciation of doing the simple things in life together that even in the mundane we had a blast!

We hung our new towel hooks in our future master bath and felt so engaged!

Saturday night we were able to meet up with Barb, Bill and Jan, my dear Camp Victory friends who were in JAX for a wedding. Too bad it wasn't for our wedding (!), but I loved introducing them to my fab fiancé!

Another 7 days gone...just 124 till our big day!!!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Engagement Picture Teaser

We have dozens of engagement pictures that we love, but here's a quick teaser for you...more to come later!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Amelia Island

There are so many beautiful spots near Jacksonville that Chris loves showing me.

We drove to Amelia Island on Sunday and spent a couple of hours enjoying the beauty around us...and falling a little more in love...

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Families United

Chris and I both feel very blessed that our families already get along! Our parents started texting and calling each other weeks ago but met for the first time on Saturday.

We all met in Dothan, AL (roughly halfway between our homes) for lunch and spent several hours laughing and talking. Here are Mom & Dad Brooks crammed in the back seat...we all gave Chris a hard time with "are we there yet!!?!"

Our handsome chauffeur...

One big happy family... (Abby wasn't able to come, so pretend she's with us!)

Moma made sure the Gator-fan Brooks family went home with University of Alabama cups!

Our parents surprised us with a wedding gift- Waterford flutes for our wedding day! Chris and I will certainly always treasure them.

I will also always treasure this man...

Even on the way home, Chris and I managed to get in a little quality time!

We love our parents so much and are so grateful for their influence and love and look forward to more memorable times together!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Engagement Update- Week 5

I love being engaged!

I love my fiancé!

We had engagement pictures made last night with Jacksonville's night skyline as the backdrop. I can't wait to show you all the pictures!

We have a weekend of fun plans...meeting my parents in Dothan for the afternoon so they can meet Mom & Dad Father's Day lunch at Chris' (our) house...and just enjoying our weekend together.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The JAX Way

Chris' home (and my future home!) is in a nice neighborhood with a lot of kids and young families.

Even if Chris hadn't mentioned that folks down here use their garages as porches, I would have noticed it soon enough. Every evening, there are families gathered in lawn chairs in their garages, enjoying the Florida weather and each other.

So to get in the JAX spirit, I decided that my wait for Chris to get home from work today should take place in the garage instead of inside- the JAX way.

Here I am in my lawn the garage...waiting on my fiancé!

Life is good...and a little hot and humid!

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Biscuits & Forts

Chris and I started our Saturday off with breakfast with his good friend and his wife at the Maple Street Biscuit Company, which is officially my new favorite place!

I had the "Five & Dime", described as:

Flaky biscuit, all natural fried chicken, pecan wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese topped with sausage gravy with a little kick topped with a fried egg

Chris and I shared the Smokey Mountain Mac and Cheese that was topped with Cheez-its!  Plus, they had Coke Zero and the most amazing Iced Pecan biscuits! 

Who wants a road trip to Jacksonville!??!?!

After breakfast, we headed to St. Augustine (the oldest city in America!).  Here we are in front of a really old fort...

We had giant pigs-in-a-blanket at The Spanish afternoon with my fantastic fiance AND a giant pig-in-a-blanket?  All my favorite things!

My favorite part of the day was having our portrait silhouettes cut!  They came out great, but you'll have to wait to see them!

Another beautiful day in our beautiful lives...