Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Absolute Truth of God’s Word

When I was planning my summer school schedule and realized I would be taking Earth Science, I immediately began to dread it…and the 5am wake-up call!  I was so dreading it because I didn’t think I would find it interesting, Biblical or even be able to comprehend the concepts enough to recall anything on tests. 
Well, I was wrong on two of the three counts!  Though being taught from a secular worldview, I have a good teacher, the class is very interesting and so far I’m recalling just fine on the tests.   It’s been interesting and challenging to be in a class that teaches evolution. 
Creationism is an issue I’m quite passionate about because when I was getting my first degree at Pensacola Christian College, I had the privilege of hearing Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham speak at several of our chapel services.  His sermons raised my awareness about how essential it is for believers to have a Biblical worldview in regards to Creation. 

In my opinion, believers are too easily swayed by scientists who declare their evolutionary “findings” as true, when in reality, it’s far from true.  Just because it’s in our text books or on the History Channel, doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

In my Earth Science class, I find myself making notes during lecture on what I need to come home and investigate further to determine if it fits in my Biblical worldview.  From what I’ve learned this month about Creationists vs. Evolutionists, our differences are in regard to time.  Evolutionists believe that Earth is millions of years old because that’s the only way they can explain complex issues of mountain formations, sedimentary layers, etc.  Creationists, though, use God’s Word as our absolute truth and realize that the Flood (Genesis 6-9) accounts for the geological record we see today and that the Earth is only about 6,000 years old.

I think one reason this hits such a chord in my life is that if I can’t believe what God said in the first chapters of Genesis, how can I believe anything else He said? 

Instead of trying to fit God into some evolutionary theory, we must look at HIS creation and ask, “What does the Bible say about this?”

(Picture Source: Answers in Genesis)

The best resource I’ve found in discovering Biblical answers to my science questions is Answers in Genesis.  Their website is very user-friendly and easy to understand plus they even have an app for your phone! 

 As I sit through lecture after lecture and listen to my teacher’s evolutionary ideas, I find myself wanting to jump up in class and share the truth from God’s word.  I’m not sure that would bode well with my graduation plans, but I do pray for opportunities to talk to those around me and pray that the believers in the class will compare what they’re hearing with God’s word…like we all should be doing.

Given my research this summer, I thought it very ironic and nicely timed on the Lord’s part to place His rainbow over Huntsville this week.

Genesis 9:9-17

Then God spoke to Noah and his sons: "I'm setting up my covenant with you including your children who will come after you, along with everything alive around you—birds, farm animals, wild animals—that came out of the ship with you. I'm setting up my covenant with you that never again will everything living be destroyed by floodwaters; no, never again will a flood destroy the Earth.”

God continued, "This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and everything living around you and everyone living after you. I'm putting my rainbow in the clouds, a sign of the covenant between me and the Earth. From now on, when I form a cloud over the Earth and the rainbow appears in the cloud, I'll remember my covenant between me and you and everything living, that never again will floodwaters destroy all life. When the rainbow appears in the cloud, I'll see it and remember the eternal covenant between God and everything living, every last living creature on Earth."

And God said, "This is the sign of the covenant that I've set up between me and everything living on the Earth."

Click here if you’d like to get more answers about the Flood:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Books Are Our Friends

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”
Emilie Buchwald

As I was redecorating my Heritage Room (my new guest room) and going through all the children's books I've collected, I was having major flashbacks!  I think one of the reasons I've always loved children's books (especially old library books with that striped library backing and distinct library smell!) is that they immediately transport me to my early childhood...

...laying next to Moma at nap time and having to wake her up as she was reading to us because she was putting herself to sleep, but we were wide awake...

....or picking a book off the little bookshelf Popa built and crawling up into bed with Nanny.

As I got a little older, Moma started reading books to us like Little House on the Prairie and Black Beauty.  Laura Ingalls' life was so real to me that I start praying for them when the Indians were coming...or whatever catastrophe they were avoiding!  Black Beauty was so real to Moma that she'd end up crying through the whole book. I guess it runs in the family!

Actually, a love for reading does run in the family!  Both my grandmothers were voracious readers and they passed that love onto each of my parents. 

I vividly remember laying on the blow-up mattress that my grandparents slept on when they came to visit and having Popall read So'm I to me and Abby.  I think he liked the silly story more than we did!

When I was grade school, my love of reading paid off when the Book It program encouraged us to read to earn a personal pan pizza.  Needless to was delicious!

When I was little, I had no clue that the word "discard" was written across several of my favorites, but I was reminiscing with Moma last week and she told me she had rescued these books from the library at the school she taught at before she was married...sort of a children's book hope chest!

This series of books were my Sunday School room at Cloverdale Baptist.  I think the actual books were lost in a fire, but I found these at an used bookstore and knew immediately why I recognized them!

In a family where reading is so important, going to the library was a regular event when I was growing up.  When I was very young and we lived in Georgia, our library was in the old depot!  How great is that!?!?!  I remember a scratch and sniff Christmas book that had a chocolate smell and to this day when I smell a certain kind of chocolate, I feel like I'm four years old.

When we moved to Huntsville, the best part of their library was body-shaped chairs that you could tilt back so that your legs were in the air.   I was absolutely in love with those chairs!

Abby and I used to "play" library, creating our own cards and check out system.  I actually found one of our "overdue" books when I was going through everything!  Pigs in Hiding is so silly and this could be the actual copy I used to check out at the Huntsville Public Library, because I got it at their used book sale. This is a jewel to me so it's hard to believe they'd sale it for a quarter.  Petunia is also a favorite...especially Petunia's Christmas.  It's such a sweet love story between two geese.  Who'd have thought I'd ever write those words?  But a goose needs love too!

I started collecting Berenstain Bear books very early on and stopped only a few years ago.  Back to School was my first and favorite...

This book has seen better days, but I'm convinced that it subconsciously began my love of all things Home Ec! 

Look at this...Mickey found the cake knife taped to the bottom of the cake plate!   LOVE that!

Ahh, Memory's one of my favorite places to visit!  This visit has reminded me that of all the things my family's given me, an early love for reading is among my most cherished.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bundles of Joy

Looks like we had the baby showers right in time...cause 2 of the 3 babies we were celebrating are here!

On June 28, my friend Brittni welcomed son Hudson Tate! I was so excited to meet him...

A few days later, on July 11, my friend Sarah welcomed Percy Columbus. Percy weighed 5lbs 6oz and is so tiny and cute!

Happy times!
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Monday, July 16, 2012

While you're here as our guest...

When I first set up housekeeping, I found a little plaque that read "While you're here as our guest, may you find peace and rest." 

That little poem has stayed in my pocket for years, reminding me to extend peace and rest to all who stay under my roof.  Starting out, my roofs were smaller, so I did the best I could with what I had but now that I have a larger roof, I'm able to have an entire room devoted to welcoming friends.

It's taken me a year but I finally finished transforming my "college years" bedroom (click here if you missed the story of my new house) into what I've now christened The Heritage Room! When decorating, it's important to me to have a room that's full of personality and story telling so from the beginning, I knew I wanted this room to showcase my love of Huntsville and my family's history. 

This was the last room in my house to finish because it was the most overwhelming, since it was filled with all my little knickknacks from the last 11 years.  I started tackling it little projects at a time (a hint for any of my clients who are presently overwhelmed!) and made the final push this weekend.

Besides the fresh coat of yellow paint that I put up a few weeks ago, the biggest change was reorganizing the bookcases that my dad built for me when we all first moved in.  I've always loved books and collect old children's books (look for a post devoted to this soon!) and I'm afraid the bookcases were overflowing with books, stuffed animals and my big weakness- tourist trap knickknacks!  By editing myself (a phrase I learned off HGTV!), the shelves are now much more pleasing to look at, plus it was the perfect place to showcase my set of Huntsville watercolors.



I think every guest room needs a chair, and since I removed the one free-standing bookshelf, I was able to rearrange and make room for a rocking chair in the corner. I also found a quilt for the bed at a thrift store that I absolutely ADORE!  The print over the bed is another beautiful watercolor of Huntsville landmarks that Abby gave me last Christmas and I wanted it to be the centerpiece of the room.



When I first saw the idea on Pinterest to decorate a corner with plates, I loved it, but didn't know if my symmetrical brain could handle it, but I just LOVE how it came out! This Alabama plaque is actually an embroidered tea towel that has all the Alabama landmarks. I just stretched it over a small canvas and stapled it in place. The quilt on the rocker is one that my aunt, Irene, made me. I've never had a spot to display it before, but I couldn't have a Heritage Room without including Irene, so I was thrilled it matched everything!

It can sometimes be tricky to mix and match so many different family heirlooms, but I finally found several pieces that worked well together.  Over the chest of drawers (this has been my furniture since I was five years old, by the way!), I hung the sign that hung on my maternal grandparents' mailbox, a cow head that I remember my mom decorating with when I was little and a family tree that I bought 8 years ago and am just now using!  The two jewelry boxes were Nanny's and hold very precious memories for me.



On this edge of the dresser, I have all my Huntsville and Alabama books, under a spoon rack that hung behind Nanny's kitchen door and a embroidered plaque about friendship that my mom gave me.

On the window sill, I displayed a basket of photo albums that guests can casually flip through.  It also has the print version of my blog's first two years, so maybe they can read that to fall asleep fast!

I find this room so enchanting now and love walking by at night when I have the lamps on and seeing all the mementos that mean so much to me and tell a story...a story of love, family and heritage.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Update

The only thing wrong with a great weekend is that it's harder to end it and start a new week!

My weekend got started early Thursday night when my mom, Abby and I went to a 60th anniversary showing of "Singin' in the Rain."  I grew up watching old movies so it was great to see one on the big screen! 

The theater was packed and we all clapped after each song!

Love me some Gene Kelly!

After seeing Rick & Bubba Friday morning, my mom and I headed out to Madison to try Which Wich.  Ordering is so fun!  You choose your sandwich, pick the right bag and then mark all your ingredients with a Sharpie.

I ordered the Cuban sandwich and...LOVED it!  They have a "skinny" bread option, where they remove a lot of the inside, leaving just the toasted crust.  My mom got the Thank You Turkey with turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce.  It wasn't my thing, but she loved it!

Friday night, Abby and I tried Smashburger and...LOVED it too!  Because I love my state so much, I felt obliged to order the Dixie burger and I'm glad I did! 

The Dixie burger has white BBQ sauce, fried green tomatoes and I added a fried egg, channeling my inner Guy Fieri.

I spent Saturday evening with my friend, Bethany.  We met in choral our freshman year in high school and spent the next four years making some pretty great memories!  Bethany and her family currently live in Indonesia so I only get to see her during the summers, but there's something special about a friendship that's stood the test of time.  Even if it's been a year since we last saw each other, we pick up right where we left off!

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Two Sexiest Fat Men Alive

Since starting school in January and facing a 3 hour daily commute, I've discovered my two new best friends...Rick & Bubba!  I'm serious when I say they literally keep me alert and happy every morning on my drive to Florence. 
When I heard they were going to be broadcasting from Huntsville today, I quickly decided to skip class and go see them LIVE!  My mom and I were at the VBC at 5:30am and were the 3rd and 4th people there so we got on the front row! 
Rick, Bubba, Greg, Adler, Speedy, Helmsey were all so friendly the whole morning and had us in stitches for the 4 hour broadcast.  During one of the breaks, Rick asked me and Moma if we ate venison (we don't!), so we were the women Rick referenced when he mentioned women in the audience being worried about the guys eating the baby deer that was on the show. Plus, he teased the audience about sharing baloney biscuits, but when we decided they didn't have enough, he handed me a Waffle House waffle from the stage while he was broadcasting.  That's gold to this star-struck girl!
The four hours just flew by and I had an absolute blast seeing my BFFs in person!

How cute are these guys?!?!? Greg, Helmsey, Speedy & Adler

Can't beat front row!

Rick starting the show...

The Real Greg Burgess...

Helmsey & Adler...

Greg joked after the national anthem that because he was facing the flag closet to him, it looked like he was protesting the anthem!

Every morning at 6:06am...

Speedy...he's one of my favs!

Bubba...pride of Cedar Springs, Shakespeare's worst nightmare, inventor of pizza in a cup and master of the Kaang's English!

A week old fawn giving Adler a hard time!

The famous waffle from Rick...yes, that's Moma diggin' in!

Oh and good news...beginning Monday, 106.5 will begin re-broadcasting Rick & Bubba from 2-6pm...good news for my afternoon commutes this fall!

{ps...In case you don't listen to R & B, they refer to themselves as the two sexiest fat men alive...I didn't make it up!}