Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soul Patrol hits Panoply!

I've been a member of the Soul Patrol since 2006 when Taylor Hicks won American Idol.  Not only can the guy belt it out, but he's from Alabama and he's gorgeous!


I didn't realize he was going to be at Panoply until this afternoon when I went with my friend Jeanine.

And there was no way I was going to miss Taylor in Huntsville, so my mom and I went back again tonight and he didn't disappoint!  I'm pretty sure we made eye contact several times...


This could be due to the fact that in my typical concert fashion, I was standing, screaming and taking pictures 90% of the time.  I'm a serious fan, people.  I appreciate talent...and beauty!

Have a mentioned how cute Taylor Hicks is?!?!?!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Final Projects {part 1}

I worked all week on my art final project that's due Tuesday.  Our assignment was to combine all the techniques we've learned to make four pieces- a shape, a space, an abstract and a word.

I decided to do mine around a theme, cause that helps me come up with better ideas.  And what better theme then "America"!?! 

I'm not sure how my push-the-envelope/abstract/there-are-no-rules art teacher will like my projects, but I'm pretty happy with them! 

The Statue of Liberty:

The Vietnam Memorial Wall:

An abstract American flag:

And "America" made from twine:

And as Lee Greenwood would advise, I guess if she doesn't like them, I should proudly stand up...and defend them!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring has sprung!

After a rough week, my family was ready to get out of Dodge for an afternoon, so we headed to Cullman for the Bloomin' Festival.

The afternoon was PERFECT and provided the relaxation we needed. I mean, give the Foresters fresh lemonade, free samples and cute booths at a street festival and we are thrilled! We love stay-cations!!!

My favorite find was a church birdhouse made in Rogersville. I plan on inviting all the birds in my neighborhood to church!

How cute are my parents?!?! I loved our time together today!

We ended our little road trip with a yummy lunch at Backyard Burger.

Here are a few other things that are making me smile this Spring...

-My begonias I got this weekend

-Sargent Pepper, our friend Lora's new kitten...(I think Abby's happy too!)

-My attempt to "push the envelope" in art class

-My art teacher got mad at us this week and made us rip up old projects to create something new, so this is a combo of several pieces but I thought it came out pretty cute and funny!

Hope you are finding some happy moments this Spring!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

School Projects

Time has flown and the semester's almost over! Here's an update on some projects I've been working on.

This picture may be hard to see, but for Space Planning we continue to work on expanding floor plans and furnishing them with appropriately scaled furniture. I LOVE it!

In my art class, we've been working on perspective and movement:

And my version of this picture I took on campus:

I don't think I'll be opening a gallery anytime soon, but it's been fun to challenge myself and I've learned so much!

Let me leave you with a beautiful picture of yesterday's sunrise...On some lake between here and Florence.

It makes getting up ridiculously early worth it!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Now Playing

I had a flashback the other day of my bedroom dresser when I was growing up. The whole top was covered in a HUGE boom box with detachable speakers. It was a big deal when I graduated from a tape player to a boom box with a tape player and CD player. Plus detachable speakers? I was pretty sure I'd arrived!

What caused my flashback was buying a song in about 20 seconds...on my iPhone...after Shazam-ing it off the radio. It's a long way from the mixed tapes I used to painstakingly make.

CDs have almost disappeared from my life too because once I walk into my house, my phone automatically syncs with my laptop and then I sync my iPod, which I can then play in my car.

If that's all my iPhone did for me, I'd be thrilled, but we all know (from previous posts) it does so much more!

But this post isn't about my phone...I say all this to say, with all this technology, I find new favorite songs almost everyday!

Here's what's playing this week:

• Lionel Richie's new Tuskegee album is incredible! He teams up with country stars like Darius Rucker and Tim McGraw, to re-record his biggest hits. It's an absolutely beautiful and addicting collection!

I Choose To Believe and Tell Your Heart To Beat Again are off Phillips, Craig and Dean's new CD. I'm claiming I Choose To Believe as my summer anthem! Plus it just happens to be written by Don Poythress who I love and wrote about last year. (click hear to read)

The following selections are Southern Gospel, which I lovingly refer to as God's music, so if you don't love it, you better repent!

I Am Redeemed by Brian Free and Assurance

My Name is Jesus by Mark Bishop. I love resurrection songs year round but this is a great one to add to your Easter Mix!

What Salvation's Done For Me by the Booth Brothers

Let me know if you have any favorites I need to hear...happy listening!

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