Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From Dining Room to Salon

My friend Britni is an amazing hair stylist!  She's so amazing that she needed to turn her dining room into a salon so that she can see her clients in her home.

She had a perfect spot in her family room for her dining room table (you can see it in the second picture, through the doorway), so that opened the whole dining room for a cutting station, storage for her supplies and even a sweet little waiting area!

I love the eclectic feel of this room!  It has so many elements that bring in Britni's personal style....painted furniture, heirloom pieces and art that she's painted.

In my opinion, adding personality is what makes a room charming and I think we certainly achieved that today!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Staging on a Budget

My friends Nick and Sarah, are getting ready to put their Owens Cross Roads house on the market and asked for help staging.  Their realtor said a lived in house appeals to buyers, but since most of their furniture is already at their new house, our staging consisted of adding pops of color and re-arranging the remaining furniture. 

I raided my garage for floral arrangements and some other small items, so we only had to spend about $100 on a few more things.  I think the finished look will give potential buyers a good idea of what life would be like in this lovely home...and if YOU would like to know what life would be like if this were your home, I'm sure their realtor can set up something!

Here's a breakdown on what we did and what it cost:


I added dishtowels, a vase of lemons, a rooster and candle that I brought with me so the only money we spent for this room was about $10 on bowl of candy for the island.

Living Room
Since there is no furniture left in the living room, we opted for plants from my stash ($0) on the mantel.

Master Suite
This bright, spacious room didn't need much, but we added fluffy pillows ($16) , opened the curtains and moved a mismatched chest to another bedroom. 

In the master bath, we add a picture that was hanging in the guest bath and a flower arrangement from my garage...a no-cost solution!

Guest Bath
I just love the colorful shower curtain we found at Wal-Mart ($9)!  I just happen to have a floral arrangement that matched and added crisp white towels ($0) to complete this fun make-over.

Bedroom #1
For this bedroom, I moved the bedside table from in front the the window to the opposite side and added a small stack of books and lamp that were already in the house and some dried flowers from...guess where? garage!  Because the lamp cord was showing, I just twist tied it together and hid it behind the books!  Doesn't that sound like a hint from HGTV? :)

Bedroom #2
In this room, I moved the bed to a new wall, so that it's visible from the hallway.  Since there wasn't a headboard, I hung a picture (that Sarah already had) above the bed.  All we had to buy was a cream blanket and accent pillow ($25).  The closets in all both bedrooms are amazing, by the way!

Home Office
We removed a few pieces that were originally in this room to make sure the room screamed "home office!"  I found an old monitor that Nick had, took the cords off (since they were ugly!) and plopped that on the desk along with some books we found around the house, so all we bought was an $8 plant for the corner.  For the corner bookcase, I used more of the books that Nick and Sarah already had.

I had so much fun spending the afternoon with my friends, helping them prepare for the sale of their home and talking about the arrival of their new little one, coming in July! 
Oh, and I can't fail to mention that one of  the best parts of the day was my lunch with Nick and Sarah at Tortora's in Hampton Cove where I discovered one of the best pizzas EVER!  One word: BLT!
This pizza had Canadian bacon, cherry tomatoes, regular bacon, lettuce, melted mozzarella but what took it over the top was...MAYO!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Take Your Sister to School Day

I only had one class on Wednesday so Abby tagged along to see UNA and visit some of my favorite haunts.  We were most excited about vising the UNA lions, but guess what?!?!?!  The lions weren't out cause their cage was being painted.  Can you believe that???

Despite not getting to visit Leo and Una, we had a blast hitting up my favorite shaved ice place where Abby got Red Velvet and I got the Hannah Montana Cotton Candy.  YUMMY!

The highlight of our day was discovering Rogersville.  I had been tempted by the Historic Downtown signs all semester so Abby and I stopped and found that it exceeded our expectations!  Not only did we find fantastic shops, but we discovered Cafe Savanna, whose chicken salad is listed on the "100 Things to Eat in Alabama Before You Die" list.  Just an hour from Huntsville, it's giving the vacation mecca of the South...which we all know to be Scottsboro...a run for it's money!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Depressed Gum Balls

My art project this week was to research artist Wayne Thiebaud then to change the tone of one of his paintings.  I choose a super cheerful painting of three gum ball machines, but had to turn it into a depressed gum ball machine.  How sad is that?!?  Had I known the scope of the assignment, I would have chosen a depressed painting and turned it cheerful!  Here's the saddened version...

I was so excited that my art teacher, Chelsea, invited me to her gallery opening at Lowe Mill Friday night!  Her paintings are on the first floor at Lowe Mill for the next month if you're looking for something new to do in town.

And I can't mention Lowe Mill without mentioning Happy Tummy, so when you're there for the art, be sure to swing by and get the Infidel, the best sandwich in Huntsvlle!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pinterest Potluck

Abby and I had several girlfriends over last night for a Pinterest Potluck!  We all brought a dish we've pinned but haven't made yet.  It sure was a yummy night!

Here's what we feasted on...

My mom brought delicious Pioneer Woman potato skins and...

Vegetable Tian, a French dish...oh, la, fancy!

Lora brought sausage swirls, which she turned into sausage bundles :)  Very yummy!

Lindsay brought Taco easy but my new fav thing!

I made Pull-Apart Pizza Monkey Bread...also super easy recipe and one I'll certainly make again!

Shannon whipped up Snickers Salad...yes, you read that right!  I was surprised how much I loved this mix of apples, Snickers, pudding and whipped cream...what's not to like?!?!

Abby's grand creation was a Swiss Cake Roll Ice Cream Cake. Under the layer of the world's best Little Debbie, were layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. May I just say, "Oh. My." 

After several insane rounds of Load Questions that were constantly interrupted by very random conversation...(the funniest revolving around Ham Bone Belle but to save the reputations of all present, details will not be following!) impromptu craft project erupted and we all decoupaged clip boards. 

Nothing beats a night with new friends, laughter...and amazing food!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Getaway

I had such a blast this weekend, going to a women's conference in Columbia, TN, with my friend Jeana. I love women's conferences! Especially one's that give you tote bags and this weekend's tote even had candy and gum inside...good times.

Jeana and I were most excited about seeing Kelly Minter and she did not disappoint!  I love Kelly's books and Bible studies and her encouragement out of Nehemiah this weekend and is just what I needed.  Kelly's actually going to be in Madison in April...I'm not sure if I get to go or not...but click here to see about getting your ticket!

Jeana doesn't know I snapped this picture, but Kelly was two tables behind us at lunch and I just had to get a pic! There's no way you can see Kelly, but believe me, she was there!  That's her head between Jeana's and the white-headed lady. 

Worship was lead by Nicole C. Mullen and she wowed us! Her testimony is very powerful, making her music, especially her well known song, "Redeemer", even more meaningful.  Make sure you download her song "Holy Captivated."

Once we got back to Huntsville, we met Jeana's family at the Huntsville Havoc hockey game and guess what?  I LOVED IT!  I think I found my new favorite thing :)

It was odd to end a spiritually focused weekend, cheering on a hockey fight, but what can I say?  Life's full of crazy twists and turns!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Odds & Ends

Here's some highlights from last week:

Some new friends at school told me about Miami Ice, a shaved ice place near campus...maybe I should say shaved ice shack!

But my snow cream was delish! Plus they have a frequent buyer punch card...and you know how much I love those!


I enjoyed my visit with Jennifer on Thursday night and I can't leave without a picture of sweet Otis!


I really enjoyed seeing "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" at Grissom with Jeana and her mom. Those high school students were impressive!


My friend Debbi made me and Abby a Pinterest inspired flower arrangement! Isn't it fantastic?!?! It makes me ready for Spring!


Let me leave you with a book I devoured:

If you haven't been reading the Pioneer Woman blog or watching her show on Food Network, then you are missing out!

You are sure to love everything about her!

This book is her love story with her husband and I read it in two days!

Hope your week is full of unexpected blessings....

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