Saturday, February 25, 2012

Uploading Madness

I was so pumped to dig out my old tripod to use with my new camera and capture some of my favorite Huntsville spots.  I was extra pumped when the first full moon showed up!


Abby and I got to see Steven Curtis Chapman in concert this weekend. His concert not only ministered to me, but I was able to try out my new camera in concert mode...and I love the results! 

I've heard Andrew Peterson's name for a while now and didn't even know he was traveling with SCC, but I'm sure glad he was! He's a down-to-earth, folksy artist who speaks directly to your heart...look him up on iTunes!


My mom and I spent an afternoon in Decatur with our sweet friend, Meg....we just love her!

And speaking of Meg...Here's my no-sew version of a Roman shade we put up in her office!


The latest in my art class is that we've graduated to colored Gouache paint!  I thought the box of paints was so pretty!  When I'm unpacking new supplies, I always feel like Anne of Green Gables getting her pencils ready for Miss Stacey :)

Well, here's another opportunity for eggplant!  I know of some truly talented artists who read my blog, so y'all just keep scrolling!

I'm absolutely loving my Space Planning class!  There are so many pictures I could share, so if you'd like a personal show & tell, just let me know!


I'm not a paranoid person about most things, but when I consider my history of bad luck with tires over the last 14 years, I am a completely paranoid person.  And with good reason: Two weeks ago I ran over a nail and had a flat a brand new set of tires...then today I had ANOTHER flat tire!  WHAT ON EARTH!?!!?!?! 


Tonight I cheered my UNA Women's Basketball team to a nail-biting victory over UAH (81-77)! It was UAH's first loss of the season.  Roar, LIONS!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Highlights

Before I share highlights from my weekend, I wanted to show you my newest art project.  The assignment was to come up with an original design that emphasized both the positive and negative shapes.  I sketched my design, cut it out of black paper, then glued the pieces to create the two images.  I call mine "Good morning, New York."  Isn't it cute?!!?

Ok, on to my weekend...

We had a blast hosting a Valentine's card making party in my mom's new craft room!  The night was full of so much laughter and I so enjoyed these girls!  Some of the girls have real-life Valentines, but I wanted to make sure all my single friends felt loved this V-Day.

I made candy cane heart pops!  I found this recipe last year (read: pre-Pinterest) so I planned ahead and bought extra candy canes at Christmas.  All you do is sightly melt candy canes around pop sticks and then pour melted candy disks inside the hearts.  I think mini candy canes would be better, but I bought the large ones, so I made giant suckers!

The best part of the weekend was that my friend Barb came for a visit!  Barb is the cook at Camp Victory in Samson, AL, where I worked during and after college.  She's a dear friend and my whole family just loves pampering her! 

We took Barb to her first ever movie in a theater!  Nothin' says love like a giant bucket of popcorn!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Super Sunday

My Super Sunday had nothing to do with football!  We had guest worship leader, Regi Stone, in all worship services yesterday with a concert last night, featuring the adult choir and orchestra and the student choir.  It was fabulous!  The music was so powerful, Regi so talented and the Spirit so obvously with us!

It was an honor to be a part of such a wonderful night! 

If you love Travis Cottrell, you'll love Regi Stone too!  I hope you'll check out Regi on iTunes for some great worship music and beautiful piano instrumentals.

Here's my view from Saturday's rehearsal

Regi at the piano...this man has some serious talent...and an amazing eye for men's fashion!

With my alto buddy, Sabrina (we miss you, Sarah!)

Regi Tweeted about us on Sunday!  Jeana's with her sax in the right lower corner and I'm in the top left corner.  I'll give you $1 if you can find me!