Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet 16

Happy Sweet Sixteen Re-Birthday to me! Sixteen years ago today, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I honestly can't imagine my life without the Lord.

The Lord is my everything, but here are 16 reasons why I love Him:

1. He is my encouragement
2. He guides my every step
3. He speaks peace when my soul is troubled
4. He is Truth in a world full of lies
5. He is my Defender
6. He is my Friend who will never leave me
7. He is my Father, loving me unconditionally
8. He is my eternal Hope
9. He speaks to me personally through His living Word
10. He convicts me of sin, loving me too much to leave me as I am
11. He is always available to hear me when I call
12. He loved me enough to send His son to suffer and die on the cross for my sin
13. He is my loving Shepherd who knows my name
14. He provides for my physical, emotional and spiritual needs
15. He is my strong tower I can find refuge in
16. He is the one constant in a changing world

Here's a song that sums up my heart, "My Pledge" by Carman: