Saturday, April 10, 2010

Such a God-thing!

Hartselle, AL.

11:30pm, Friday night.

Random gas station.

Flat tire.

Here's the story:
Jeana's mom and I drove to Tuscaloosa Friday for the visitation for Derek's dad. On the way home, we missed a detour exit, found another detour, found the interstate again by accident and then "happened" to choose the gas station on the left side of road instead of the one across the street.

We didn't want to stop in the ghetto, but felt comfortable about our choice, when I recognized other travelers as Jim & Peggy Williams, a couple from Whitesburg Baptist.

After going in to buy an Icee (my answer to late-night driving!), I noticed that my back tire was flat. Now, I'm paranoid about flat tires, so I carry a tire gauge with me. My pressure is supposed to be 30 and the back tire was 10. Before I had a chance to panic, my friend suggested I go flag down the couple I recognized.

Jim was able to fill my tire up with air, assure me we could make it home and even followed us the 30 minutes home!

If they hadn't been there, Mrs. Watkins and I surely would have panicked, but the Lord spared us any stress by meeting our needs before we knew we had them! All the things we thought were slowing us down, actually helped us end up at the gas station right when they were.

What a God-thing!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last of Lent

I don't know much about Lent, because it's not really a Southern Baptist thing, but this year, I decided that the principle of giving up something for 40 days was a good idea. So 40 days ago, I gave up something that wasn't beneficial in my life.

I've had moments of temptation to give in, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, I withstood. It feels to good to know that I had enough discipline to make it 40 days!
Now the real temptation continue to give it up! Help me, Lord...I already feel weak!

Then Came the Morning

A wonderful, classic Easter song, sung by one of my favorite groups, Ernie Hasse and Signature Sound. Take a minute to worship our risen Savior!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Good Friday

Well, besides being Good Friday...a celebration of our Lord's sacrifice...I've had a good Friday.

I've almost survived my first tax season at an accounting firm! Today was super busy, but I have great co-workers who keep me laughing! But after a long day of printing tax returns, I was ready to relax and ended up having a great evening!

Abby went with me to the Good Friday service at my church where a drama team read the crucificion story by compiling verses from the Old and New Testament. It was remarkable to hear it the story read in that way.

Afterwards, we went on the hunt for porch decorations. It hit me a few weeks ago that my front porch had no personality and that's just not acceptable! I was inspired by a friend's porch the other night so tonight Abby and I bought a lamp and two amazing pillows to add pop to our porch! I'll put pics up soon!

After shopping, we split our favorite entree at Mei Wei, where I had a punch card filled and good for one free entree, so we only had to pay for drinks!

We then spent about 15 minutes trying to find a parking spot at Bridge Street, but soon realized it was worth the wait! What a beautiful evening to be outside at such an enchanting place! We tried Orange Tree Yogurt (self-serve, mix & match, $0.45 an ounce). I had cheesecake, peanut butter and chocolate! Major YUMMY!!!

My To Do list is still looming large, but I did set up my scrapbooking supplies! Right now, I'm basking in the fact I can drink caffeine and sleep-in tomorrow!